Conference Interpreting in Italy


Bologna & Associates, Italy –

Our interpreting team have a wealth of experience and expertise in providing professional, real-time conference interpreting services across a huge range of languages and subject areas, both in Italy and abroad. Whether you need simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting or interpretation at negotiations in multiple languages for hundreds of delegates, Bologna & Associate’s team are ready and waiting to help.

Our trusted and experienced interpreters hold extensive qualifications and knowledge of their respective fields, so that whatever the subject matter of your conference, be it medical, scientific, technical, legal, business, or marketing, we have an expert who will be glad to assist you.

Our interpreters understand the need for precision and accuracy during conferences. To this end, our team ensures that your message and meaning is not lost during the interpretation process, thanks to its up-to-date knowledge of key terminology, industry news and developments.

For more information on our conference interpreting services, please feel free to contact our office on +39 320 8348604 so as to speak to a member of our team today.

We will help you find the solution that will work best for you and your company.

We can offer the support and technologies to help you communicate with partners, clients and colleagues across cultures.


Types of interpreting

Our interpreters work in various modes:

Interpreting after the speaker has finished, usually with the help of notes.

Interpreting while the person is speaking, using particular equipment (eg. booths, earphones, microphone).

Whispered or Chuchotage
The interpreter is seated or standing with the participants and interprets simultaneously directly into their ear.

Business interpreter services

With the increasing need for international communication and business growth across national and international borders, oceans and continents, we understand the need for an accurate, effective interpretation service.

Thanks to our experienced team of professional interpreters around the globe, we aim to ensure that language barriers are no obstacle for your business.

With years of experience in a wide range of business sectors at international level, our language interpreters are each qualified in a specific field of business, meaning that technical language and terminology will be no issue during your corporate meetings and communications. Our highly qualified and experienced team of qualified interpreters are dedicated to providing a seamless service which allows you to focus on connecting with your business partners, colleagues and clients, without having to worry about learning a new language or risking being misunderstood.